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A SciFi Expansion for the Original AdventureQuest!

SPECIAL NOTE TO ADVENTUREQUEST PLAYERS: If you already have an AdventureQuest account, you can log in and play WarpForce using your AQ username and password! To get the special $10 WarpGuardian discount if you are an AQ player, you must have a Guardian character on the same account you are getting a WarpGuardian upgrade on.

-- Virin scientist Th'rix Na'thaar has returned, and is rebuilding his army of perfect Virin hosts called Nefadon! Travel to the Virin homeworld of Xirrix on a dangerous recon mission. (General Stormfront in the Hangar Deck)
-- Nefadon Whip weapon and Baby Nefadon pet!
--Level cap increase: Free Players can level to 75 and WarpGuardians can level to 94!

A brand new adventure from the team who runs the original AdventureQuest. Join the WarpForce and explore the galaxy while battling the evil alien force known as THE NETWORK. Login with your existing AdventureQuest account and create a new human, drakel, or elf character to begin your adventure. You can play a wide variety of BattleTypes including armored cannonwielder, witty space rogue, quick-fisted ninja, genius cyber tech and more. Level up, train your stats and obtain new weapons, pets, battlesuits, skills & techs!

NEW RELEASE: Visit General Stormfront on the Hangar Deck for a new mission to the Virin homeworld of Xirrix, where the Nefadon army is being rebuilt. Danger abounds!

SPECIAL OFFER! If you are an AQ Guardian, DragonFable DragonLord, MechQuest Star Captain, or an AQ Worlds Member, you can get a $10 discount on the WarpGuardian upgrade in WarpForce here!

GAME HINT: Defeat Tronzor the Trainer on the VR Deck to train your stats. Increasing your stats will help you make more effective use of your skills and items!

Find WarpForce wallpapers here!

WarpForce Music
The music in game was created by players on the forums! A special congratulations to Lkeas and the other winners of the Temura's Song contest! Stay "tuned" for the next song contest and your chance to get your music inside WarpForce!

Ongoing updates!
As you know, WarpForce is our first expansion. It was built on the same engine as the original AdventureQuest by the same great team! We are going to build 100 levels of adventure into the farthest reaches of space on an ongoing release schedule. Updates for expansions will not be weekly. I know you think we are crazy, but we are not THAT crazy! Expect WarpForce to have a major release and a level cap raise once per month in addition to AdventureQuest's weekly releases. Join us as a massive galaxy-shattering story unfolds!

About the Team
Who is building WarpForce? Believe it or not, every member of the WF team started on the forums as an AdventureQuest player. They got involved and went above and beyond eventually earning a place on the AE Team. Hollow, Reverendwyrm, & Arklen did the Art and Animation. Captain Rhubarb, Westwind, Kalanyr & Yagno did the programming. The writing was done by Falerin and Aelthai, LordBarrius, Genoclysm, In Media Res and Asenbesen did stats/items/testing. Randor the Red created the graphics for the website. The project lead of both AdventureQuest and WarpForce is Galanoth. Be sure to post your ideas on the suggestions threads and get involved too!

Game Information

Customize your own characters using several options: Gender (male, female), Species (Human, Drakel, Elf), facial features, hair styles and more! Then, play as any number of BattleTypes: Armored Cannonwielder, Witty Space Rogue, Quick-fisted Star Ninja, Genius Cyber Tech, and many more! Train your stats and buy equipment to maximize your potential!

New Interface
The combat menu has been rebuilt for Friday's live release. We really hope you like the change along with some of the other interface improvements.