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[First] First Construction

Upon entering the game, the interface of your city with four pieces of resource fields and some open space jumps into your vision.

Your journey to a great empire begins!

Resources Fields

City constructions are the basis of expanding. And the vital one is producing resources. Thus, the first thing is to upgrade the four resources

fields to get more wood, stone, iron and food. The red circles below are four resources fields. Keep your mouse stay over the fields; you will

see the types and levels of them.

Take the human city as an example:


Click the resource field, and you can see the detailed information, as well as the requirements and time needed to upgrade it.

Move your mouse on the [Upgrade] button, you will see the productivity for the current and next level---keep everything in mind.

Upgrading resource fields cost both resources and time, and Granary and Warehouse have limited capacity.

To avoid wasting, you should schedule your upgrading based on development strategies and stocks, so as to optimize resource allocation.  

Sometimes the [Upgrade] button is gray and the requirement button is red, which indicates you either lack resources or do not fit the

qualifications for upgrading. 

So you need to accumulate resources or meet relevant requirements first.


Building Constructions

Besides upgrading the resources field, city construction is also important.

You can build a warehouse, tavern and others to diversify the city of your own.

With regard to the upgrading and constructions of the city’s architecture, on the one hand, population will be expanded, and on the other

hand, it will prepare you to build sub-cities and expand your influence.

Click open space in the city, you will see an architecture list. Click the [Build] button, and the architecture that you choose to build will be set

up in that space.

Upgrading architecture is similar with upgrading resource minerals, you only need to click the [Upgrade] button.

With the building and upgrading of architectures in process, more types of architecture are available.  

Make a whole plan to regulate your constructions so that you can use them conveniently.

Construction List

On the right, you can see the construction list of building and upgrading process, the pace of soldiers recruitment and military campaign.

Please be patient to wait. You also can use diamonds to accelerate or to add a building list.

You can cancel the mission in process as well, but if you do, only part of the resources you used will be returned, so you have to be careful.

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